Electricity- Alternate Sources

    Power Generation- Alternative Sources:

    A huge role in the development and prosperity of the countries is played by the network of highways and abundant power generation.

    Dams (DAMS) provide water as well as electricity, but there are many places where it is not possible to build dams. In this case electricity is obtained from other sources.

    ۔ Thermal and nuclear sources are more important today. Thermal power generation is expensive, using gas and other fuels, while coal-fired power generation causes air pollution. Alternative sources include solar and wind energy as well as biomass (wood, grass, agricultural waste and solid waste). The use of geothermal is still in the experimental stage.

    Use of Hydrogen Gas:

    Hydrogen gas is used to generate electricity. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in our universe, but two-thirds of the universe contains mass of hydrogen. This gas can be obtained in large quantities from water (H2o) and since this gas can be used as an ideal fuel. Preliminary work is underway and engineers and scientists call it the "Hydrogen Energy Economy". ۔ More research and practical work is needed to modernize this method or resource.

    Considering the situation in many countries, , it needs to think seriously so that cheap hydrogen energy can be used not only in power generation but it can be used in other projectsas a source of heat.



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