Anyone who understands the chemistry of anger can easily control anger.

    Now you may ask first ," What is the chemistry of anger? "

    I asked the same question from one of my expert friends who has been studying phsychology for long time.

    He smiled and said, "We have sixteen chemicals inside us. These chemicals make up our emotions. Each emotion lasts for 12 minutes. For example, anger is an emotion. This emotion is caused by a chemical reaction.

    This reaction will raise our blood pressure and this blood pressure will create a feeling of anger inside us. We will flare up but this flare up will only last for 12 minutes. Our body will produce chemicals that extinguish the anger after 12 minutes. And so we'll be down in the next 12 minutes, Therefore if we learn to manage twelve minutes of anger, then we're going to avoid the ravages of anger".

    I asked, "Is this prescription limited to anger?" He smiled and said, "No, we have six basic emotions. Anger, fear, hatred, surprise, pleasure and sadness." Age of each emoion is only twelve minutes. Our body normalizes all our emotions after twelve minutes".

    I then asked, "But I see most people all day in a world of anger, sadness, hatred and fear, they are not normal all day."

    He smiled and said, "Look at these emotions like 'fire'. Suppose, there is a fire in front of you, what will happen if you keep pouring a little oil on this fire, and if you keep putting dry wood on it ? This fire will spread more and more and it will continue to burn".

    Similarly, the emotion that was supposed to return to normal in 12 minutes, it expands to two, three days becuause you did not control over it for a short period of time, instead, other negative thoughts flared up your inner emotion. If we don't recover in two or three days, that passion becomes our long mood and this mood becomes our personality.This is how then people start calling us with variuos negative names".

    He paused and then said, "Have you ever wondered why there are so many surprises, laughter, hatred, fear, sadness or anger on the faces of so many of us? The reason is obvious. The passion or spirit knocks on their faces for twelve minutes but they do not let it go back. And so whether the emotion is surprise, laughter, hatred, fear, sadness or anger, it becomes their personality. It got written on their faces forever. If these people had managed for twelve minutes, they would have escaped the scourge of a lifetime.They would not have been enslaved to a single spirit, they would not have been blackmailed by it. 

    I asked, "And isn't love a passion?" He immediately replied, "Love and lust are actually the parents of pleasure." This passion lasts only twelve minutes.But we foolish people tie it in a rope and hang him around our necks and thus become insane and humiliated. We are stoned, murdered, imprisoned and humiliated. We are all prisoners for twelve minutes". 

    "If we somehow get through this imprisonment, we will escape a long imprisonment, otherwise these 12 minutes will not leave us anywhere, ” he said.

    I asked him, "How do you manage these twelve minutes?" He smiled and said, "I just demonstrated it to you."

    He said, "You saw the man angrily entered my office and asked for his file. I told him "I signed your file and sent it back", but he didn't agree. He also accused me of lying and abused me. My body and mind caught fire. But because I knew it would only last me 12 minutes, so I got up quietly, performed ablution and started praying. I spent 20 minutes doing this. In those 20 minutes, my anger subsided and he came to the truth.


    Remmeber, "Patience controls the Anger". Always try  to have patience, keep silent, try to enjoy the nature,  whenever you indulge into the state of annoyance. Fllow this rule and you will be successful to control your annoyance and escape from unpleasant  result.




    http://www.thestrangesite.com/blog/self-confidence-tipsSELF CONFIDENCE- TIPS- HOW TO PROMOTE

    First of all you need to understand - what is self confidence?

    In simple words, it is the feeling of self-trust , surity or certainity of your ability or power to perform without any hesitation, in any circunstances. If you have this quality feeling within yourself , you are then  called "confident" and you are said to have "self-confidence".

    Remember, self-confidence is one of the most crucial steps towards sustainable success in your life. In fact, it is the most fundamental attitude that let you embark on road to success. Self-confidense is essentially the key to climb on the ladder of success.

    Creating Self-Confidence:

    Now, how to create or promote self-confidence within yourself ?

    This is something you may consider although a God gifted quality for some, however it can be promoted by several positive technique which can be applied successfully in the struggle of life.  Al you need is determination, perseverance, sensible positive approach, exposure to high profile envoirnment, constant struggle and activity.



    Cyber Security- Analysis and Action

    Cyber Security has become one of the urgent needs of the present world. For the past few months, there have been growing concern from all sides about cyber security. The general public has also been very serious cybersecurity. Remember, last year, the world's richest man Bill Gates, former US President Barack Obama, Mike Bloomberg, Elon Musk, Apple And social media accounts of Oberoi etc. were hacked.

    First, Elon Musk's Twitter account was hacked, followed by Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden, and more. Internet users were tricked into doubling the digital currency, the bitcoin, to at least ایک 110,000. Hackers would make new tweets much faster than the speed at which tweets were deleted. That's why the Twitter administration temporarily deactivated the affected accounts to prevent hackers from gaining access.

    Let's take a look at the importance of cyber security in today's modern world. Undoubtedly, the Internet has made the world a global village. However, one of the most important aspects is that we all seem to fail somewhere in terms of keeping private information secret. The importance of social media cannot be denied, but due to our own negligence, cyber crimes are increasing day by day. 

    And the sad thing is that we don't even realize it. As new inventions emerge, the methods of crime are also changing, now they too have become cyber. One of the main reasons for this is that we Without thinking, they keep sharing their personal, family information on social media, then the same photos, videos, etc. become a nightmare for us.

    In this regard, there is an urgent need to strengthen and manage cyber security, but also a nationwide awareness campaign should be launched. So that the new generation is fully aware of this and can protect themselves .Always keep your ID, credit, debit cards and passwords safe, even if you don't tell close friends. Avoid using Wi-Fi in any public place such as cyber cafes, shopping malls and airports as account information can be hacked through keyboard logging and hotspot monitoring tools.Don't use a debit or credit card when shopping on unsafe or unpopular websites. Cyber ​​security experts say that when creating a social media account, avoid giving out unnecessary personal information, such as home address, picture, etc. 

    Choose difficult passwords for social media and search engine accounts. The only way to avoid cybercrime is to use caution and prudence.

    Speaking of cyber security and data privacy, there has been a lot of talk in recent days about the privacy update of the popular communication application, WhatsApp. Clearly, WhatsApp has required its users to accept a new security policy if they want to continue using the app in the future, otherwise the account will be deleted. That is, they will provide their users' information (user's WhatsApp register, phone number, IP address, information related to mobile phone or laptop, status, some technical information including group profile photo). Shares with books, Instagram and other companies.

    There was a strong outcry from users around the world, but the backlash eventually led to WhatsApp postponing a controversial decision to change its privacy policy. The deadline given was 08 February 2021.A statement from the company said: "The company is not enforcing a new code of conduct on consumer privacy, and as such, your account will not be canceled on 08 February 2021 which was the deadline.In addition, we will do our utmost to address and clarify consumer concerns about security policy. 

    Earlier, Keith Cart, head of WhatsApp at Privacy Policy, explained in a Twitter message: 

    "The new policy will not affect users, nor will their data be shared with anyone. Due to end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp and Facebook cannot view private messages or calls. You need to understand that this update defines business communication and does not change the way WhatsApp shares data with Facebook. Users can chat privately with friends and family. "

    We spoke with Nighat Dad, an executive and legal expert at the Digital Rights Foundation, about the importance of cyber security and data privacy. They replied, "Cyber ​​security and cybercrime are two different terms, but most people think of them as one,"  Cyber ​​security means protecting your network, systems, etc. before any system is attacked on a digital platform. 

    A good cyber security is one in which a well-organized policy is formulated and acted upon. Corporations, large corporations and governments work together. In contrast, hacking, hate speech, online harassment, etc. are called cybercrimes. That is, if an attempt is made to maliciously or legitimately access a system or network using the Internet, it falls into the category of cybercrime. Cyber ​​security applies to everyone from the individual to the government level and it is a basic need of all. 

    We are not living in the nineties, where lives are limited to a telephone, fax or just emails. The world has become a global village and everyone is digitally connected. And over the last few years, the use of electronic gadgets, especially smartphones, has grown exponentially. The Internet seems to be an integral part of life.

    Of course, we also need to understand that just as there are certain rules for living, living in society, there are also some rules and regulations for using the Internet. We must use the Internet with full awareness. Similarly, while using social media, special care should be taken for privacy and security. But unfortunately in our country it is badly ignored. We care about the security of our homes, but where we share our personal information, 

    Everyday routines, from the smallest to the largest, update the activity, not thinking about its safety. Remember, cybercrime happens with our own indifference.

    Our slightest negligence provides an opportunity to cybercriminals, whether through money or other forms of blackmail. Therefore, before sharing any of your information on social media, you must think that it should not be used against us. As far as WhatsApp is concerned, there was a lot of fuss about their pThat is, people started using WhatsApp because their data was safe there.rivacy policy because when WhatsApp was launched, it was more popular because of its security. 

    That's why a large number of people are now switching to WhatsApp alternatives, signals and telegrams, etc. However, if you use social media, it should be borne in mind that our data can not be secure, but in such a situation, you should see which app is more secure data.

    Now, as far as the prevention of cyber crimes is concerned, this is possible only when the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act is applied and the proposed punishments are tightened, because as long as there is no fear of punishment, until then, crime cannot be eradicated. ”


  • Long Life- Secret

    Secret of Long Life in Japan

    Researchers say that one of the possible reasons for the long and healthy life of people in Japan is that 80% of Japanese people stay in hot water for a long time.

    For two decades, Tokyo City University professor and medical doctor Shenya Hayasaka has studied the medical benefits of long baths and hot baths.

    Speaking to DW, Professor Hayasaka said, "Nearly 20 years ago, a nurse who helped elderly patients bathe at home asked me for advice. He was concerned that many people had high blood pressure and that it was safe for them to take long baths in hot water.

    He adds, "There was no scientific research at that time to answer this question. I think the answer to this question needs to be found in the light of scientific evidence.

    Ayasaka recently published his first research paper in the Journal of Epidemiology, emphasizing the need to carefully monitor elderly people who bathe in hot water for long periods of time. Spread daily in Japan until you lie down in a hot tub.

    Japan, famous for earthquakes and volcanoes, has 27,000 hot springs. Due to the abundance of these hot springs, almost every Japanese citizen has access to them in the past. For this reason, lying in hot water for a long time and taking a long bath is a kind of national tradition in Japan. Religion has also historically played a key role in this regard. Many places of worship locally provide bathing places for the common people. Many Buddhist leaders also advise people to take regular baths.

    Until the 1960s, most Japanese homes did not have bathrooms and people had to turn to public bathrooms. Due to this, bathing has in a way become a public event and culture. Now that every home has a bathroom, public bathrooms are still visible.

    According to Hayasaka, bathing longer in hot water has three main benefits: a warmth, an increase in the body's ability to float on water, and hydrostatic pressure. In addition, the health benefits of hygiene and sanitation are different. However, according to Professor Hayasaka, the hygienic and hygienic benefits can be achieved by taking a bath while standing under the shower. However, the first benefits are only due to lying in warm water.

  • SUCCESS- Key to success

    The Guarantor Of Success:   Constant Effort       

    Life's hardships, loneliness, indifference can be turned into honesty, perseverance, determination and beauty. The life of all prominent personalities was also a constant struggle. They were not born with a golden spoon. Most of them belonged to either a poor family or a middle class family. However, they worked hard and maintained integrity, which made them successful in their mission and famous in their profession. Take the example of great scientists, physicist, mathematicians, astronauts-  Eienstine, Archimedes, James Watt, Marconi and Galileo, just to name some of them.

    Some philosopher and intellectual had said that if a person is poor in the world, then it is not his fault, but it is definitely his fault that he dies poor. The state of acquisition of wealth, knowledge, grace and fame can fall into the category of a properous life.

    Let me cite the notable example of one of my colleagues who has been holding quite high ranking positions in government services, judiciary and foreign affairs.  His childhood wasn't easy, but God the Almighty encouraged him to stand on his own feet because as we all know the famous proverb- " God Helps those who help themselves".

     Despite his unpleasant circumstances, he did not refrain from getting an education. He used to study under the kerosene lantern because there was no electricity in the house.

     He wished to become a lawyer, which was fulfilled by his hard work and by the grace of God the Almighty. From the age of ten or twelve, he started looking for ways to earn money: Part-time tuition for kindergarten children, helpers, participation in school programs at radio station at a very low wage per program, reception worker and public relations officer. He did everything he could.

    His first attempt to get a job after taking the graduation exam was memorable. There were some vacancies for Accounts Assistant in the office of Accountant General. He met the Accountant General in this regard and presented an introductory letter from the principal of his college. After reading the letter, he slammed it in the air and said, "You are not entitled to a job on your principal's letter." He was astonished and left speechless.

    He was about to leave when the same acountant general called him back and said. "Your principal says you are very sensible and serious. Wisdom and seriousness come after the age of forty. At this age you should be wicked. Why are you so smart and serious? "

    Before I could give an answer, he said. '' Boy! I see a crown on your head. You were not born to be a clerk. You will definitely reach higher positions in life. I will not spoil your biodata by giving you a small job as a clerk, but I suggest you continue your part-time jobs. ”

    After graduating, his education came to an end. He had always wanted to pursue higher education in the United States or the United Kingdom, but circumstances did not permit. However, he always worked hard and diligently. He never gave up his struggle. He continued with his part time jobs, meeting with people of high profile and searching for better positions.  He always remembered in his mind that- "Slow and steady wins the race".

    As a result, he started to achieve the opportunities, smaller or higher, he just captured it and moved on the ladder of promotion and acquired higher positions like - Deputy Attorney General, Chief Justice of the High Court, Secretary to the Government for the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Judge of the Supreme Court, Acting President and Chief Election Commissioner of the country.


    My message to the younger generation is that you should first concentrate on to your study, get education as high as possible. After entering into the professional life, perform your duties with courage, honesty, self-confidence, patience and in the interest of the country. You should not be alarmed by challenges and crises. Always trust God the Almighty (Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala), always work hard, always be confident, ride on your opinion, honesty and logic and always seek guidance from the Almighty. You will always be successful and more importantly, you will be happy.