Plant trees to prevent rising temperatures

    Global Warming

    Climate change is now turning into environmental catastrophe. The abundance of greenhouse gases is causing a two-way increase in global warming. Rising temperature in atmosphere and rising temperature in summar, as well as pollution has become deadly. The deadly consequences of climate change are unfolding. According to experts in Southeast Asian countries, including Pakistan, the temperature in these countries will rise further by 8 degrees Celsius and such an increase in temperature will deprive many areas of the region of human populations.

    The other side of this heatxistence every hundred years, ie is towards ice. Snow is losing its eglaciers, icy mountain peaks, icy sea level and polar ice is melting rapidly everywhere, which will bring rain and flood randomly and frequently. Infectious diseases like dengue, malaria, pneumonia, cancer spread and heart disease will increase the chances and people will also forget these diseases as they will be associated with "these Sunni" diseases.

    All the melted ice water is directed towards the sea. On the one hand, seawater is increasing in volume as the temperature rises and sea level is rising. Experts estimate that sea levels will rise by an estimated 4-9 ". Currently, 20% to 25% of the total human population lives in coastal cities. Unbearable heat waves and flooding of coastal cities. The relentless use of fossil fuels, oil, petrol, gas, coal, power generation and the use of electric appliances, cement factories and even transport In addition to heat, has covered the earth with the worst pollution.

    For these two reasons, not only is the current generation suffering from diseases, but the unborn children will also have congenital diseases. The strongest animals on the planet are lions, elephants, wild buffalo, cheetahs, hippos and whales, sharks. Sharks have been living in the ocean for 420 million years. The lives of all these animals have never been endangered. The Lord has provided them with shelter, food, protection from the weather and treatment of diseases, but their lives and existence are in danger after the Industrial Revolution. After the relentless use of greenhouse gases, the biggest cause of heat and pollution right now is the power generation and the machines that run it like 9-10 heat generating machines in every home.

    Avoid extravagance.

    Minimize the use of paper, water, electricity, petrol, gas and other consumables. In particular, heat / pollution causes such as heaters, generators, irons, geysers, etc. should be minimized. Quit smoking. Reduce car use. Use the metro or any public transport. Ride your own bicycle and get your kids into the habit of cycling or walking to school. A cyclist who travels four kilometers daily on a bicycle to get to the office and back four kilometers, it saves 900 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions annually, so every cyclist is a benefactor of the nation. Don't burn anything in the open air. Get in the habit of throwing rubbish in the dustbin and keep it outside the house and shop so that the municipality can pick it up easily.

    Put the rubbish in four separate bins. Paper, cardboard and shopper plastic can be reused. Make vegetable and fruit waste into tree and crop food or give it to an animal keeper. Leaving the shopper open after use is tantamount to spreading poison in the air. Buried in the soil, it does not rot for hundreds of years and does not allow any plant to grow in this place or reaches the sea through streams.

    The Earth is currently suffering from an abundance of carbon dioxide and a lack of oxygen. In addition, rising temperatures and pollution are the message of death. Plant as many trees as possible to avoid Noah's flood of climate change. Trees reduce the heat of the season. When they are planted on the banks of streams, they digest their dirt. Noise pollution is also a natural deterrent and a source of groundwater treatment.

    The Lord of the Universe has made it a duty for every leaf of the tree to consume the poisonous gas itself and to scatter in the air the oxygen life we ​​need for life by producing it which is used by every living thing including human beings. The second task is digesting every leaf heat and scattering coolness. This gas plays an essential role in maintaining physical health. The Lord of the worlds has spread sealed plants in the form of kernels of mango, jamun, peach, date, luka, apricot, cactus etc. Let every man plant as many trees as he can. If plant is not available, cultivate kernels.


    Indoor plants are often air purifiers. They are very easy to cultivate. For example, plant rubber plant, mini plant or lady balm, cacti, spider plant, quartz, snack plant, pathos, caries, etc. There are also some plants that protect against mosquitoes. Planting a single branch produces a plant. Keep these plants indoors and outdoors. Even when you are asleep, the plants wake up and provide you with fresh oxygen like a flower petal.


    Encourage people to plant and be part of a campaign. Start implementing in your home, your neighborhood, your office. Try to plant as many kernels as possible.



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