Women's education and national development:

    No nation or country can develop unless they are educated. Education and training are needed to bring women on a footing in the developement of a country.The first thing, especially in social awareness, is education. Unless we look at women from the perspective of a human being, a responsible citizen, the role of educated women in the development of the country cannot be understood.

    History Of Developed Nations

    A look at the history of the revolution in the world shows that most of the girls' schools were opened immediately after the Russian Revolution. There was equal space for girls in every college and university. The women's corner was set aside not only for education but also for women in the important fields of medicine, engineering and science. The same strategy was later adopted by the countries that accepted the revolution.After the Industrial Revolution in Europe, the importance of women was realized and they were included in every sphere of life.

    Steps to consider

     Women should participate alongside men in national development. This will be possible only when we stop considering women as weak personality.

    In a developing and agricultural country, if the style of education is not based on curriculum but on training and self-accountability, then the sources of knowledge and education can be widened. The purpose of education is not just to read books but to eradicate the current poverty, ignorance, filth and diseases. Development requires knowledge that is market-oriented, that can lead to industrial equality. As women participate in the development of the country alongside men, the country will develop at the same pace.

     Facing Problems

    Women in the societies have problems such as sexual harassment, harassment in the workplace and in educational institutions. There are documents that determine the state's responsibility to end violence against women. Women's families are afraid to move out of their homes, especially to be sent to another city for education or employment. They also often lose access to basic health and education facilities. Jobs and training opportunities.


    The protection of women and children is the responsibility of the state. Therefore, by providing equal education and employment opportunities to women, we can put a country on the path of development faster.



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